The Hero’s Journey

2016 truly had the highest mountains, deepest waters, strongest winds with the most unpredictable twists and turns for me, so far. This year, everything I was clinging because of the fear of change, crumbled to pieces, everything that I let to define who I am and my place in society.

They say great stories happen to those who can tell them. As a filmmaker, while I was seeking that great story, I found myself in the journey of the very hero, I wanted to bring to life. This was my journey, and I was the hero.


I don’t know where you are in your story, but there comes a time for everyone, that you lose your sense of identity, things, people, dreams that you hold closest to your heart. There comes a time you know if you take another hit, you won’t survive.

But you do.

You do survive people, events, tragedies that you fear the most. Because, there’s no other way to tap into the power you never knew you had. When you have nowhere else to look but inside, only then you’ll meet the hero. At the time though, the pain, the loss, the circumstances seem unbearable and you just want to quit. People will tell you, one day this will all make sense, and there’s a bigger plan that you just can’t see yet and so on. With the sharp pain in your guts, only two words will make it out of the fog “I know.”

Do you really? Do you know? If you do, what’s that pain about. Why do you feel lost? In fact, you’re so lost you want people, anyone to tell you what to do. You beg the almighty silence “Please show me the way. Please send me a sign.”

Nothing happens. No one answers. Silence echoes your pleading. Tired of hearing your own thoughts, licking your own wounds, you just…quit…

At that very moment, having exhausted all the alternative paths and tried all the possible ways you could think of, when you finally stop seeking to know what is next exactly, and let the journey take over, something truly magical happens. A moment of peace, a moment of light. A purifying emotional release. This awareness liberates you. When you realize, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, the presence unveils an infinite potential. Suddenly all these feelings lose their names, their meanings, their weight. As you throw your arms in the air and wave the white flag in complete surrender, the pain, fear, loss, failure change appearance. As you get closer to them step by step, they get smaller and smaller and eventually they all become a dot. A point of reference, a meeting point with the infinite potential. A marker that marks the end of the hero’s journey. Breathe, you’ve arrived. You’re home.

The hero’s journey only takes place from outside-in. It’s a path that takes you to yourself. Everything happens outside are synchronized to guide you to the nearest exit to the liberation you’ve been asking for. Yes, you’ve been asking for freedom, a new life, a new relationship, a deeper meaning, a purpose, your calling, your masterpiece -either you were conscious of it or not. But you didn’t know how to get there, maybe you did, but it was too risky, too challenging, out of your comfort zone. But you’ve been unhappy, unsatisfied, disconnected for so long, you desperately needed the change you’ve been resisting. A change that creates the path to the hero’s journey. A journey where there are dragons to slay, villains to fight, mountains to climb, rivers to pass, bridges to cross.

Once the gates open and your journey starts, you’ll want to go back, you’ll lose your ground, you’ll hate yourself, you’ll blame yourself. The pain, the sorrow, the fear will be too real, too much to bear. At times it’ll be very lonely and everything you believe will shatter, everything you relied on will disappear. It’ll hurt because you’ll lose things that you were taught to earn to be happy. You’ll unlearn and shed all these one by one through your journey, and will only have one thing left in your sac to go on. Faith.

You’ll need ridiculous amount of faith, to go on. That faith will only speak to you once you get rid of all the expectations and be one with life’s cycle. Not the faith for a separate divinity, but the faith that closes the gap between your humanity and divinity. You have to flow like water, act with your instincts and never look back. Faith will pick you up every time you realize you’re always exactly where you’re supposed to be. Life will naturally flow through you when you stop resisting the ease of being present.

At the end of this journey, you’ll come to the understanding that none of those battles, dragons, bridges, defeats, triumphs were actually real. And none of that suffering was needed to be where you are right now. But ironically, the only way to this realization is to go through the illusionary journey and slay the illusionary dragons. You’ll find the magic, the holy grail, the power that have been there within you throughout your quest, from beginning to end. You’ll return home as a master and transform everything you touch.

I don’t know where you are at your journey at this very moment and if any of this makes sense to you. Either you’ve arrived or just have taken your first step, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.  Let 2017 be your signature, your mark, your year of revolution.

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